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The passion of Vitalhorses


From my years of experience I have seen that the healing of animals is only possible in a holistic way, just like in humans. If you believe that and have long had the desire to see animals as those creatures they really are, then you will learn something new here. I combine my gifts, my experience and my knowledge to bring man and animal in an optimal balance.

It is especially close to my heart to make it clear to man, how much the animal is connected to us, and therefore it is quite possible that your animal will take over your problems. We are connected to the nature of our animal, which is why it is important to know what your animal wants to tell you with his illness.

My strategy is to examine and treat your animal physically, energetically and emotionally. The feed and the life situation are also taken into account. The owner plays an important role in this process. Not only do I want to find out how I can help your animal, but my goal is also to find out together why your animal has become ill.

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