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To test

It starts with testing. Over hair, blood, or saliva, depending on the problem of the animal, I test by means of bioresonance to find out the cause of the problem or the disease. It is possible that I find multiple causes. The organs, the musculoskeletal system, hormones, etc. are also tested. This way I get a picture of ​​the entire health condition of your animal. I also use the biotensor to conduct even more extensive research into the food and the environment. Subsequently, a treatment plan is drawn up, including nutritional advice, aimed at stimulating and optimizing the self-healing ability of your animal. Depending on the nature and severity of the complaint, one or more follow-up consultations will be required.
Collaboration with veterinarians
Does your animal use medication, or is it already being treated by a vet, I prefer to collaborate with the treating vet. For example, phasing out the use of medication should be supervised by a veterinarian. I often have worked well together with veterinarians, when there is a need to act quickly or to use a medication for a short time. We can complement each other, it is ultimately about your animal getting better as soon as possible, and therefore you will feel better too!
To treat
With a bioresonance treatment, the imbalances found are brought back into resonance. With the other therapies that I offer, I have the possibility to further support your animal and thus achieve a lasting optimal result in the shortest possible time.
Preventive testing

You can already prevent diseases in your animal by having it regularly tested preventively. Because I measure frequencies, I already see, before symptoms occur, whether there is something wrong with your animal. This is because I can measure frequencies in mega- giga-, and terahertz. Isn't that fantastic ?!

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