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Tarifs (Euro)

First consultation



Bioresonance test (about 2.5 hours) incl. discussing the results by phone


Consultation by phone, per 15 min



A written report on the results (by request)



Set a treatment plan, program the memory stick, first bioresonance treatment with the bioresonance device and blanket (detector)

145, -


Follow-up treatment incl. further consultation per hour

125, -


Follow-up testing and discussing the results

85, -


Set up of new treatment plan plus program the memory stick

15, -


Rent of the bioresonance device and blanket (detector) per month

500, -


Bach flowers / Homeopathy per bottle

14, -


Travel costs, up to 50 Km. Longer distances to be discussed

28, -


Dicount: 2 Animals jointly treated


The testing and treating of people with bioresonance has different prices. For further inquiries please contact me per email or by phone.

Appointments that are canceled within 24 hours will be fully charged.

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