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Emotion Code

The EMOTION CODE of Dr. Bradley Nelson is a method of easing old emotional burdens. It serves to identify the emotional baggage that we often unconsciously carry with us, and remove carefully. Almost everyone has experienced certain painful events at some point. Incidents, experiences, situations, circumstances from the past, the emotions of which could not yet be processed, are "stored or locked up"  in the body in the form of blockages. Decades later, these unresolved emotions can be the source of physical or emotional difficulties in our lives and severely disrupt the balance and energy flow in our organism. This can manifest itself physically in the form of, for example, illnesses or weight problems, but also in the form of unsatisfactory relationships - with yourself and others -, psychological problems or all kinds of limitations. The good news is that they can be found, solved, and removed using the EMOTION CODE. Prenatal and hereditary emotions can also have a very negative effect on our lives and recognizing and releasing them can really liberate us at the deepest level and thereby make us more open, happier, more alive, healthier, and more successful. The application of the EMOTION CODE frees our body and mind from the unnecessary emotional burden, which makes life clearly (or subtly) difficult for us. Letting go of stuck emotions brings a lot of relief and positive changes for body, mind, and spirit.

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