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Bioresonance is a tried-and-tested technique that has been on the rise for the past 30 years. It is based on quantum- and biophysics. The human and animal body consists of many tissues, each with its own frequency. Also viruses, bacteria, geopathic loads, allergens, etc. have their own frequency and can with their frequencies disrupt the energy and information exchange between the cells. Tissues no longer function optimally and the body becomes imbalanced. If this takes longer, then one speaks of an illness.

Using the Rayonex Bio-Resonance device I can measure the non-harmonizing frequencies. By entering regulating frequencies, the disturbed energy is normalized again and the body is stimulated to heal. This is a completely natural treatment, no current is ever added.

Treatment with bioresonance therapy is natural and works without medication and is absolutely free from side effects.

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