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About Edith

I grew up with animals and had a passion for animals all my life. I see it as my task to treat our animals in a professional but natural way. Because I have followed many courses in both human and veterinary medicine, I discovered early on that there is only a lasting improvement possible if

- the cause of the problem is addressed.


- to involve you in the healing process because you have an inseparable connection with your animal.


I have gained a lot of experience in countries such as Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium and the Netherlands. I have treated animals from VIPS, helped international jumping and dressage horses to perform better, and also had well-known dog breeders ask me for help with health or behavioural problems in their animals.


I find it fascinating to see what possibilities alternative medicine can offer for the welfare and health in humans and animals. For me, there is nothing more beautiful than helping the animal and thus the owner.

Background and training


In addition to Physiotherapy and Naturopathy, I have completed the following courses and specializations:


Physiotherapy, Manual therapy, Acupuncture massage, Bobath therapy, Haptomomy, Kinesiology (George Goodheart), Lymph drainage, Sports physiotherapy, Bioresonance, Taping and bandaging, Orthomolecular therapy, PNF (USA), Hydrotherapy .



Kinesiology, Bioresonance, Phytotherapy, Jin Shin Jyutsu, Schüssler salts, Nutritional advice, Animal communication, Aromatherapy, Bach flower therapy and Homeopathy

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