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Ethereal oils, also known as essential oils, contain the essence of the plant and therefore have specific properties. We find them in the flowers, leaves, bark in the roots of the plants. The essential oils can be compared with the hormones of the plant or also with the Chi, or life force of the plant. The plant uses this oil, for example, to repel or attract insects, it can regulate the temperature in the immediate vicinity of the plant and, for example, it also has a bacterial and fungicidal effect. It is the multitude of properties that make the essential oils so attractive to humans and animals. In naturopathy, they are used for their antiseptic, healing, and balancing properties. The effect is both physical and mental and the oil can be applied both internally and externally (massage and inhalation). Aromatherapy consists of the words aroma and therapy and actually means treatment with fragrances.

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